Monday, 9 November 2015

Update: 10/11/15

Hey there,
I've been absent for quite some time on here and decided to update things
List of current arcade PCB's as of 10-11-15

Game System Company Year
Tekken Namco System 11 Namco 1995
Tekken 2 Ver.B Namco System 11 Namco 1995
Tekken 3 Namco System 12 Namco 1996
Tekken Tag Tournament Namco System 12 Namco 1999
Tekken 4 Namco System 246 Namco 2002
Soul Edge Namco System 11 Namco 1997
Capcom Fighting Jam Namco System 246 Capcom 2002
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Konami TMNT2 based Konami 1991
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami TMNT based Konami 1989
The Simpsons X-men Based Konami 1991
Sunset Riders  Konami TMNT2 based Konami 1991
NBA Jam Midway T Unit Midway 1993
NBA Jam TE Midway T Unit Midway 1994
NBA Hangtime T-Wolf system Midway 1995
Vendetta Konami TMNT based Konami 1991
Mortal Kombat 1 Midway Midway 1991
Mortal Kombat 2 Midway Midway 1992
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate T-Wolf system Midway 1994
Mortal Kombat 3 T-Wolf system Midway 1993
Captain Commando CPS Capcom 1991
Carrier Airwing CPS Capcom 1990
Magic Sword CPS Capcom 1990
3 Wonders CPS Capcom 1991
Ghouls n Ghosts CPS Capcom 1988
Final Fight CPS Capcom 1989
Saturday Night Slam Masters CPS Q Sound Capcom 1993
Warriors of Fate CPS Q Sound Capcom 1992
Cadilacs and Dinosaurs CPS Q Sound Capcom 1993
Street Fighter 6800 Based Capcom 1987
Street fighter 2 : World Warrior CPS Capcom 1992
Street Fighter 2 : Champion Edition (Rainbow set) CPS Capcom 1992
Street Fighter 2 : Champion Edition (AccP2) CPS Capcom 1992
Street Fighter 2 : Champion Edition CPS Capcom 1992
Street Fighter 2 Turbo : Hyper Fighting CPS Capcom 1992
Street Fighter 2 : Hyper Fighting CPS Capcom 1992
Super Street Fighter 2 : The New Challengers CPS2 Blue (Pheonixed) Capcom 1993
Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle CPS2 Grey (Battery) Capcom 1993
Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle CPS2 Blue (Battery) Capcom 1993
Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle CPS2 Green (Battery) Capcom 1993
Super Street Fighter 2: The Tournament Battle CPS2 Green (Battery) Capcom 1993
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo CPS2 Grey (Battery) Capcom 1994
Super Streer Fighter 2 Turbo CPS2 Blue (Pheonixed) Capcom 1994
Super Street Fighter 2X CPS2 Green (Battery) Capcom 1995
Street Fighter Zero CPS2 Grey (Pheonixed) Capcom 1996
Street Fighter Alpha 2 CPS2 Blue (Battery) Capcom 1996
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha CPS2 Green (Pheonixed) Capcom 1997
Street Fighter Zero 3 CPS2 Green (Battery) Capcom 1998
Dungeons & Dragons : Shadow over Mystara  CPS2 Blue (Pheonixed) Capcom 1996
Dungeons & Dragons : Tower of Doom CPS2 Grey (Battery) Capcom 1993
Alien Vs Predator CPS2 Blue (Battery) Capcom 1994
1942 Capcom Z80 Capcom 1984
Hyper Street Fighter 2 : Anniversary Edition CPS2 All in 1 (Battery) Capcom 2004
X-Men : Children of the Atom CPS2 Blue (Pheonixed) Capcom 1995
Marvel Super Heroes CPS2 Grey (Pheonixed) Capcom 1996
X-Men VS Street Fighter CPS2 Green (Pheonixed) Capcom 1997
Marvel Superheroes VS Street Fighter CPS2 Green (Pheonixed) Capcom 1998
Marvel VS Capcom : Clash of Heroes CPS2 Grey  Capcom 1999
Super Gem Fighter CPS2 Grey (Battery) Capcom 1996
Super Puzzle Fighter 2X CPS2 Green (Battery) Capcom 1996
Progear CPS2 Blue (Pheonixed) Capcom/Cave 2001
Street Fighter : The Movie Other Incredible Technologies 1994
Street Fighter EX Sony ZN-1 Capcom 1996
Street Fighter EX Plus Sony ZN-1 Capcom 1997
Street Fighter EX 2 Sony ZN-2 Capcom 1998
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Sony ZN-2 Capcom 1999
Street Fighter III : New Generation CPS3 Capcom 1997
Street Fighter III : 2nd Impact Giant Attack CPS3 Capcom 1998
Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike CPS3 Capcom 1999
Killer Instinct  Midway 1994
Killer Instinct 2 Midway 1995
Neo geo 108 in 1 Multicart
Neo Geo 161 in 1 Multicart
Samurai Shodown MVS SNK 1993
Samurai shodown 2 (kit) MVS SNK 1994
Super Sidekicks 2 MVS SNK 1992
The King of the Monsters MVS SNK 1992
Stakes Winner 2 MVS SNK
Sengoku MVS SNK
Shock troopers 2 MVS SNK
Top Hunter MVS SNK
3 Count Bout MVS SNK
Puzzle Bobble MVS SNK
Gorou Mark of the Wolves MVS SNK 1996
King of the Fighters 94 MVS SNK 1994
King of the Fighters 95 MVS SNK 1995
King of the Fighters 96 MVS SNK 1996
King of the Fighters 97  MVS SNK 1997
King of the Fighters 98 The Slugfest MVS SNK 1998
King of the Fighters 99 (KIT) MVS SNK 1999
King of the Fighters 2001 MVS SNK 2001
Burning Fight MVS SNk
World Heroes (KIT) MVS SNK
World Heroes 2 MVS SNK
Puzzle De Pon MVS SNK
League Bowling MVS SNK
Extreme Hunting Atomiswave Sammy 2005
Samurai Shodown 6 Atomiswave Sammy 2005
King of Fighters 11 Atomiswave Sammy 2005
Snow Bros Toplan/Unique Toplan 1990
Twin Cobra Taito 1987
SVC Chaos : SNK VS Capcom MVS SNK Playmore 2003
Fatal Fury (KIT) MVS SNK 1991
Metal Slug MVS SNK 1996
Art of Fighting (KIT) MVS SNK 1991
Capcom VS SNK Millenium Fight 2000 Sega Naomi Capcom 2000
Capcom vs SNK Millenium Fight 2000 PRO Sega Naomi Capcom 2000
Capcom Vs SNK 2 Millenaire Fighting 2001 Sega Naomi Capcom 2001
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Sega Naomi Capcom 2001
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Sega Naomi Capcom 2000
Raiden Seibu Kaihatsu 1990
Raiden 2 Seibu Kaihatsu 1992
Raiden DX Seibu Kaihatsu 1992
Contra Konami/Contra based Konami 1987
X-men 4 Player Konami/X-Men Based Konami 1992
Run n Gun xexus  Konami 1993
Viper Phase 1 Seibu Seibu Kaihatsu 1995
Golden Axe System 16 Sega 1989
Shinobi System 16 Sega 1987
Shadow Dancer System 18 Sega 1989
Stadium Hero 96 MLC system Data East 1996
Decathlete Stv-System Sega 1995
STV Multicart Stv-System Darksoft 2014

Monday, 19 January 2015

My Addams Family pinball restoration - Part 2

Its been a few months since my last update.... I am so slack so much going on atm...
Here is the front of the machine with NOS Williams coin door installed.
Brand new legs and lock down bar powder coated in gloss black finish as i am going for a Gothic feel.

I reinstalled the power distribution box and loom to back box, in the process I sprayed the box purple to match the Addams Family logo colour. (that midway sticker is going to be replaced as it had torn.)

All looms and PSU cables installed including transformer. New earth braid also.

 Pinball Pro upgrade subwoofer kit and speaker kit installed. New cabinet hinges and coin box installed .

Installed but not pictured gloss black side rails and colour DMD and backbox PCB assy.
Heaps more to come stay tuned

Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Addams Family pinball restoration

Here is my biggest project yet, a full restoration from the ground up of the Addams Family pinball.
I got it in questionable shape, play field is in good order but the cabinet is horrible as you will see from my progress shots going forward. in these pictures i have stripped the cabinet completely and sanded bogged sanded and bogged and so on and so forth. Its then sprayed in a black and same colour blue as the decal lightning. My good friend Ben has done all the horrible stuff like the sanding and the bogging and pretty much the rebuild of the cab so i wont take credit for it man it looks good.
New decals have been applied all paint and prep has been finished and a new backbox decal is applied.
The gameplan is simple here this machine will be better than factory when i am finished.
I have aquired a brand new repro playfield
NOS plastic set
New decals all around
Pinball pro speaker kit w/sub woofer add on
Colour DMD display
Leds for all the inserts and backglass
This project will be documented as it goes on so keep tuned.

LAI Mortal Kombat 2 dedicated restoration

This is an Australian made MK2 machine that has been overhauled completely.
Brand new side art, T-molding , chassis rebuild, sticks and buttons NOS and serviced game board new battery installed. Some of the work we specialise in here.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chassis Service and recapping

We also offer chassis repairs and restorations, this provides longevity to your existing monitor.
We go over all components and replace all caps. Giving you the best quality picture your CRT can provide.
Fully capped Chassis for a 26" CRT tube.

Custom arcade JAMMA Supergun

This is a new project I have been designing. It allows you to plug in any standard JAMMA PCB into this arcade joystick and play via VGA to your LCD or PLASMA or the small 15" LCD that is mounted directly to the Supergun. These will be custom made to order there is alot of time and effort involved but by all means please email me for details. This unit has NOS MCA sticks and buttons, stereo amplifier and multirange psu for all games supporting different voltages.

LAI Street Fighter 2 CE dedicated cabinet

I've been flat out lately hence the lack of posts.
This is now changed as I have a full time commitment to this page
This is a custom order for a customer a original Street Fighter CE machine with a multi game system has over 2000 games installed brand new sticks and buttons. 
With all our restores the chassis is full serviced and capped giving years of longevity.